Come Fly With Me: An Interview with an Aerospace Engineer

Tuesday 18th Jan 2022

Come Fly With Me: An Interview with an Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers are who make getting away on our summer holidays possible! We were lucky to sit down with Chloe Smith (@aerospace_chlo on Instagram), former Cabin Crew and now student studying Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies.

Aerospace Engineers are constantly in demand, so taking up a career in this sector can not only secure you a well-paid career, it will offer you a variety of fantastic and exciting opportunities.

Here’s a few things you should know about Aerospace Engineering:

  • You don’t need an A* or A in Maths or Science to study it. You just need a Maths qualification as the minimum!
  • You can work all over the world
  • You are pretty much guaranteed a job after graduating!

Does this interest you? Keep reading to find out more about how you can become an Aerospace Engineer like Chloe…

What is your name?

Chloe Smith

What are you currently studying?

Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies

How would you explain your STEM field to young people?

The physics and maths behind getting an aircraft or rocket off the ground.

When did you first become interested in Aviation and was there a moment where you knew you were going to become what you are today?

I became interested in aviation at a young age when I watched fast jets flying through the Lake District on exercise. I adored flying when I went on family holidays and when I became Cabin Crew at age 21 it fuelled my love even further.

How many hours of flying do you do a week and what do you do with your other time?

Anything from 1-2 hours, sometimes more if possible. In my spare time aside from that, I’m doing my university work and seeing my friends for a coffee and walks

What would you say to someone who may be considering going into the field of STEM, but doesn’t feel confident about the studying aspect?

STEM isn’t always going to be easy, and it can be daunting but anything worth doing won’t be easy! If you’re passionate you’ll make it through every struggle and break down every barrier. I remember the times I got told I couldn’t do it to push me and do well!

What is your favourite thing about being in the field of Aviation?

Achieving what we once thought was impossible! The innovation that goes into production of future aircraft and spacecraft is so amazing and exciting! There’s no limits to what we as humans can achieve.

As a female in the aviation/engineering industry, do you feel the industry is becoming more diverse or still needs improvements?

It’s definitely becoming a lot more diverse but I still think there’s a huge lack of female representation in STEM but it’s our job to be part of that change and show women THEY CAN!

Are there any particular females in STEM who have inspired you to get you where you are today?

Just seeing the female captains at British Airways, it made me realise what we can do!

Did you undergo any relevant work experience to help get you to where you are today, and if yes, how important would you say this was?

I think working at BA made me realise how many branches there are within aviation and helped me get a bigger understanding of the field. I’d say it’s a great place to start but not crucial!

Are there any final tips you would give to a young person who wants to do what you do?

Give it your all, ignore the people who tell you no and when the going gets tough don’t listen to the doubts in your own head because sometimes they can get overwhelming. I suffer from imposter syndrome but I have to try my best to ignore it and show myself that I can!!