Meet Oxford Biomedica!

Friday 18th Dec 2020

Who are we?

Oxford Biomedica (OXB) is a pioneer of gene and cell therapy with 20 years of experience in the field.

OXB’s mission is delivering life changing gene therapies to patients. Our novel gene-based medicines and other collaborative development products have the potential to transform treatment prospects, thus improving the quality and duration of life for patients with debilitating and life threatening diseases. Amongst others, our pipeline includes treatments for cancer, sight loss and Parkinson’s disease. We’re also proud to partner with the consortium led by the Jenner Institute, Oxford University to manufacture one of the top COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

Our success is also reflected in our growth. Over the last three years OXB has grown from 350 staff to nearly 700 by the end of 2020. None of this is possible without committed people who do the right thing, succeed together, and drive credible science to deliver incredible results.  

Why do an apprenticeship at OXB?

If you become an apprentice with us, you will get a degree, have no university debt, earn a salary, and work in teams that are revolutionising modern medicine. You will be starting your journey in one of the most exciting industries in the life sciences.

We provide two apprenticeship opportunities:

  • A Level 5 ATMP (advanced therapies medicinal products) Technician Scientist foundation degree apprenticeship lasting three years. You will be learning essential skills to become a Technician Scientist within the cell and gene therapy industry.
  • A Level 6 SIPPE (science industry process and plant engineer) Bachelor’s degree apprenticeship over five years. You will be learning essential skills to become a Validation Engineer within the cell and gene therapy industry.

These qualifications provide training for emerging talent such as yourself to thrive in the booming cell and gene therapy market.

Your apprenticeship programme will be part of the advanced therapies apprenticeship community (ATAC). Where you will hear from leading experts in the field, gain important professional skills and behaviours and join an industry-wide network of apprentices.

Oxford Biomedica apprenticeships in a nutshell

  • Receive a degree from accredited universities
  • Earn a salary and avoid the burden of university debt
  • Finish your apprenticeship with a degree and work experience from a world-leading company based in Oxford distinguishing yourself from any undergraduate student
  • No tuition fees; all are covered through the apprenticeship levy
  • ATAC network: learn from experts, gain valuable professional skills and meet apprentices across the sector
  • Develop your career in the cell and gene therapy industry

But don’t just take our word for it!

“I decided to do an apprenticeship because this is the type of company I wanted to work in after university, so I thought it would be best to start now and gain experience” OXB L5 apprentice.

Build your career with us

Apprenticeships are advertised from March to early June on the ATAC website and the government’s apprenticeship service. Interested in OXB? Check out our website for further details.