Meet The Team: Chris McNamara

Friday 27th Mar 2020

Meet The Team: Chris McNamara

Why I Started Pathway CTM – Chris McNamara, CEO and Founder

I started Pathway because I thought I could make a difference and inspire young people to fulfil their potential. Too many people do not do this, and I have learnt to push myself to test my boundaries and be comfortable with failing. This is something I see each day with students on the Pathway Programme, they are willing to have a go and turn up to an event or send in an email or apply to an opportunity. If you don’t try, you never know.

Furthermore, understanding the ‘why’. Why am I going to school, why am I revising so hard, why am I doing this?

My why was a trip to Loughborough University when I saw the sports facilities and rugby set up. My journey took me to NZ on a gap year, then to University (after being rejected!), then to becoming a PE teacher, on to working at Sky in commercial sales, and then to Pathway CTM.

None of this would have worked out if I hadn’t of A) understood my why and why I should knuckle down and work hard, B) followed my passions, as each step of the way took me somewhere closer to my current Path and C) failed and continue to not get things right the first time of asking – this is my barometer for ensuring I am pushing hard enough and moving in the right direction – forward!

I hope to come across you at an event or on a call sometime soon through the Pathway Programme