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(Balborough) – Project Management Apprentice

  • Company: BT
  • Location: Balborough , Chesterfield
  • Closing Date: 01-05-2023


Millions of people rely on BT every day to help them live their lives, power their businesses, and keep their public services running. They connect friends to family, clients to colleagues, people to possibilities. They keep the wheels of business spinning, and the emergency services responding. And they use the power of technology to help solve big challenges, like climate change and cyber security.

About this role:
As a Project Co-ordinator, you’ll support the delivery of a range of provision, migration or transition projects and programmes within the wider portfolio of work. You’ll be responsible for the planning and delivery of work packages or small projects within a larger programme or project, either independently or under the direction of a more senior project manager. You’ll need to be highly organised so that you know what needs to be done and in what order. You’ll also develop stakeholder management skills; critical to keeping projects on track, as well as delighting BT customers. You’ll be identifying potential problems and working out how to fix them before they happen, as part of good practice in risk management.

BT will teach you how to become an expert in project management, starting with the basics and working up to more complex work over time. They’ll support your learning through buddying, job shadowing, formal training and through managing your own work packages and projects. You’ll learn how to deal with internal and external suppliers and customers, and how to address challenging situations. It won’t just be about the technical skills though, They’ll help you to develop so that you can work professionally and independently, taking responsibility and initiative.

Entry Requirements:
You will need to achieve 2 A-Levels at CC grade (or Level 3 equivalent qualification). 5 GCSE grades 4-9 (C or above) including English Language and Maths. Equivalent qualifications are accepted. Please note if you have already completed a Level 4 qualification in Project Management, you will not be eligible for this apprenticeship.

Apply now or contact student support if you need assistance with your application, we’re here to help!