DevOps Engineer Apprentice

  • Company: Met Office
  • Location: Exeter
  • Closing Date: 27-03-2024


Would you like to work for the Met Office? Are you interested in the Digital profession? The Level 4 DevOps Engineer Apprenticeship can offer you the support, training, and industry recognised qualifications to get you on the path to a career in the Digital profession.

The Met Office is recruiting for 1, Level 4 DevOps Engineer apprentice in Exeter.

As our Level 4 DevOps Apprenticeship, the job may be suitable for hybrid working, which is where an employee works part of the week in the office and part of the week from home. This is a voluntary, non-contractual arrangement and the location advertised will be your contractual place of work.

As an apprentice DevOps Engineer – MetDB team, your key responsibilities are:
Work as part of the team, to ensure that our service delivery targets are achieved.
Monitoring the system and providing solutions to any identified issues.
Working alongside other Met Office teams to help support and improve the service.
Developing solutions to allow storage and retrieval of data for Met Office systems, which require access to this weather information.

Essential Qualifications, Skills & Abilities:
We keep evolving – You can demonstrate your learning to date and how you keep abreast of developments in technology or the environment.
Better together – You can demonstrate evidence of teamwork and how your contributions have made a difference to the outcome.
We’re a force for good – Tell us about how you make a positive impact on the environment or the community you live in.
We’re experts by nature – You can demonstrate previous experience or interest in the subject matter of the apprenticeship you are applying for.
You can demonstrate strong communication skills, both written and oral, that would enable you to interact with your colleagues in a work environment.
Essential – Level 3 Qualification in a related subject (apprenticeship/A levels/BTEC etc) OR equivalent work experience (successful completion of QA Aptitude test required if it’s non-standard entry – i.e. through work experience rather than STEM qualifications).

Apply now or contact student support if you need assistance with your application, we’re here to help!