Work Experience – Lead Nurse

  • Company: NHS Lewisham & Greenwich
  • Location: Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Closing Date: 01-06-2023


Lead Nurse – Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic

Manage a small team of Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and a Receptionist to assess patients fitness for anaesthesia and surgery. This is for planned surgery (Elective not emergency). This is a good opportunity for someone to learn how patients get listed for a procedure. Also what processes/pathway are in place for the patient to have the procedure safely.

You will be carrying out three main tasks throughout this work experience opportunity:

  • Observe in taking observation (blood pressure, blood glucose, MRSA screen etc. Also have an opportunity to be able to get involved in taking blood pressure under supervision.
  • Observe how nurses do a comprehensive assessment.
  • Assist the receptionist in filing medical notes. Also help in putting some information leaflets together.

There is 1 position available for this placement and it will take place in between the 10th and the 21st of July over two weeks.

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