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National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Click here to download a full timetable of all Pathway CTM events this National Apprenticeship Week!  Click here to download our list of additional events on during National Apprenticeship Week […]

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Construction & Home Building

  Construction is the business of building properties and other structures for residential, commercial or public use. This includes: Homes and communities for people to live in. All manner of public […]

PwC Work Experience Webinar

The following presentation is about the work experience opportunities available at PwC. The presentation includes an overview of the company, the opportunities in various areas, the benefits of doing work […]

EY Choices Webinar

This is a recording of a live webinar that was conducted by the professional servicing company EY (Ernst & Young) explaining what their company does and the opportunities they have […]

Financial Times

Pathway CTM has partnered with the Financial Times to republish articles in an easy to read format. You can view the articles by clicking on the images below.     […]

NHS – Working in Healthcare

This presentation offers insight on what it is like working in the health care and pharmaceutical industry, specifically within the NHS. The presentation also includes information about whether the health […]

Personal Branding

  This presentation encompasses important information regarding personal branding and how to develop these qualities in order to progress within your career. It also covers why it is important to […]

STAR Techniques

  The PowerPoint presentation is an overview of the STAR technique and how to apply it in interviews. STAR stands for: Situation, Task, Action, Result. It contains information about the […]

Company Application Process

  This PowerPoint presentation is an overview about the processes involved when applying to companies; online applications, psychometric tests, digital submissions and assessments . Application processes vary by company, the […]

First Impressions

  This PowerPoint offers an overview of how to prepare for interviews and tips on how to perform well. This presentation contains information on how to build a rapport with […]

CV Workshop

  This PowerPoint offers an overview of a how to structure a CV and what should be included and what should be avoided. It addresses common issues people often make […]

Skills Workshop

  This PowerPoint Presentation gives an overview of what a strength-based interview is like and what someone can expect to be asked. It also shows the reader how to identify […]