Application Clinic with BDO

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Are you applying to BDO? Watch our application clinic to hear BDO members & staff go through the application process, tips for interviews & what to expect at their assessment centres! Stay tuned for the Q&A to hear all the great questions 7 answers that will help you in your application!


00:00 Intro & Poll

02:41Meeting the BDO team

03:36 Who are BDO?

05:00 BDO Programmes

07:30 Virtual Insight Events

10:15 Application Process

11:45 What are BDO looking for?

13:50 Assessment Process

16:50 Tips for your online assessment

22:17 Video Interview Response

24:35 Virtual Assessment Centre

28:10 Group exercise

30:30 Written exercise

34:17 Presentations

35:46 1-2-1Interviews

39:50 Q&A