Application Masterclass – How to Ace Interviews

Wednesday 12th April 2023

Are you applying to an apprenticeship or job?

Then why not get some help from Pathway CTM’s Head of Student Success! In this video you will learn how to ace every type of interview. This means we will be telling you the secrets to success in video interviews, face-to-face interviews and the dreaded assessment centres.

Diya received help from Pathway CTM and is now doing an apprenticeship at EY: “I am so grateful for the assistance Pathway gave me, in these sessions I was able to focus on my weaker areas so when it came to interviewing at EY I knew what to expect and how to answer the questions to the best of my ability.”

00:00-01:14:25 – Video Interviews & 20-minute Q&A

01:14:25-02:27:20 – Face to Face Interviews & 20-minute Q&A

02:27:44-03:49:36 – Assessment Centres & 20-minute Q&A

03:49:36-04:16:45 – I’ve received an offer, or I’ve been rejected, what do I do next? What are my options?