Ask the NHS – Pharmacy Edition

Tuesday 15th March 2022

Interested in Pharmacy? Our Q&A session will provide you with all the insight knowledge you’ll need to decide which route into pharmacy suits you the most. Watch us as we join a panel of NHS workers & University students from pharmaceutical backgrounds to discuss routes into pharmacy and answer any & all questions we received from the session!


00:00 Intro & Poll

02:05 Meet the Q&A Panellists

06:30 Pharmacy & Pharmacology

08:55 Annual Salary in Pharmacy

12:00 Tips for Personal Statement

16:33 Work hours in Pharmacy

20:35 Apprenticeships Available

22:40 Balancing Studies at University

30:47 Pharmaceutical Scientist

37:37 A levels & University routes for pharmacy

49:05 Modules in Pharmacy courses

57:13 Pharmacist duty & responsibility

59:33 Overview of Q&A