Assessment Centre Masterclass with Jaguar Land Rover

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Get involved with Jaguar Land Rover to hear all about their opportunities, the application process & what tips/tricks to look out for to ace your assessment with our assessment centre masterclass!


0:00 Introduction

2:05 Who We Are

11:10 Purpose Of The Interview

13:09 Types Of Interviews

14:30 Before The Interview

18:27 Making A Good Impression

22:10 During The Interview

27:10 Example Questions

31:33 What Is An Assessment Centre?

33:28 What Are Some Example Activities At An Assessment Centre?

33:55 121 Interview

36:19 Practical Exercise

39:13 Technical Presentation

49:37 Overall

50:41 What Can You Do Now

51:37 Jaguar Land Rover Q&A