Discover Diageo – Global Leader in Beer & Spirits

Wednesday 16th March 2022

If you’re looking for new and unique opportunities in engineering & manufacturing, Diageo are here to introduce you to the liquor industry. Join us as we connect with Diageo leaders & apprentices to gain an insight into the company and the day-to-day activities involved. Stay tuned to discover new opportunities available near you!


00:00 Intro & Poll

05:10 Meet Diageo

19:45 What does Diageo do?

24:40 Values of Diageo

30:25 Diageo Projects – 10 Year Action Plan

33:45 Diversity & Inclusion

38:00 Apprenticeship Opportunities

44:20 Q&A with Diageo Apprentices

51:27 Responsibilities of an apprentice

59:10 Overview & Summary