How Maths Will Help You In The World Of Work – with Pollard Thomas Edwards

Sunday 25th July 2021

Meet Pollard Thomas Edward, a large construction firm, and find out how what you are learning in Maths at school today will help you in your future career and how it links to different job roles.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:56 What do building service engineers do?
  • 10:57 How do we use maths?
  • 17:38 Application to software tools
  • 20:08 Examples of work
  • 24:31 Software output examples
  • 29:36 3D Design – taking calculations to the model
  • 30:47 The teams’ career paths
  • 33:30 Developing skills
  • 35:35 Q&A

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