Interview with the Founder of Shaw Healthcare, Jeremy Nixey

Thursday 10th June 2021

Hear what it takes to start a company in Health and Social Care from the founder of Shaw Healthcare, Jeremy Nixey.


  • 00:00 Why did you set up a business in Health and Social care?
  • 06:50 What does Health and Social care entail?
  • 09:18 How would you describe the differences between different types of care available?
  • 12:00 Can you explain the opportunities to get into this industry?
  • 17:44 Can you give an example of person centred-care and the impact it has on people in need.
  • 22:21 What entry-level roles are on offer for young people?
  • 24:20 How has working in Health and Social care enhanced your life?
  • 25:39 What is a top tip you would give to an individual who is looking to start a career in health and social care?
  • 26:57 How can young people start in entrepreneurship?