Meet the engineering manager at Cavanna Homes – Emma Jones

Tuesday 27th July 2021

In this interview with Emma Jones, she talks about how she started working in the construction sector, how she navigates a predominately male-dominated industry and how she became the engineering manager at Cavanna Homes.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:01 What is engineering?
  • 01:49 How do you stay organised?
  • 03:22 What is your daily routine/responsibilities?
  • 04:33 What is your favourite type of work to do in the engineering field?
  • 05:32 What is the most challenging engineering project you have been involved in?
  • 06:33 Did you always know you wanted to get into the construction sector?
  • 08:12 How have you navigated the construction industry being a woman?
  • 09:55 How have you seen your role change at Cavanna Homes?
  • 11:26 How has Covid-19 impacted your industry and your role?
  • 13:23 What gets you most excited about your sector and your company?
  • 14:48 Can you explain the opportunities available for progression and development within this sector?
  • 16:25 How long did it take you to get into a managerial position?
  • 17:45 What key skills are important to be successful in this sector?
  • 18:50 Why do you think a scheme like Kickstart is important?
  • 19:54 What is your top tip for an individual who is looking to start a career in this sector?
  • 21:43 How do you navigate starting a career in construction if you don’t have experience?
  • 22:55 Have you seen an increase in women joining the construction sector?
  • 24:39 Outro