NHS Virtual Taster Day – Session 3

Sunday 4th July 2021

Join for Part 3 of our NHS virtual taster session where you will hear all about who the NHS are, what opportunities they have and how they can help you! This sessions focuses on “Unconscious Bias” in NHS!


00:00 Introduction

01:10 Unconscious Bias taster session

01:55 Descriptions of different people

03:15 How unconscious bias works/Who do you imagine?

06:25 Business imperative/Tackling unconscious bias

08:26 Types of bias 25:00 The biology of bias (The Impact)

27:30 What situations do you think might stimulate the amygdala?

28:33 What messages do we receive?

29:48 Micro messages

38:38 Case Study (Bias at work)

50:20 Giving feedback: A three step approach

52:34 Difficult conversations

54:09 Micro-Affirmations

56:20 Thank you / Outro

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