Sustainability in Finance Q&A with ICAEW

Thursday 21st April 2022

Discover more about sustainability in accounting with our Q&A session joined by ICAEW panellists to discuss routes into sustainable accounting and answering all and any questions to help you!


00:00 Intro & Poll

02:50 Meet the panellists

05:30 Who are ICAEW?

8:00 ICAEW team experiences – what routes did you take?

15:44 Why is it important to be sustainable & how do you ensure it?

19:20 Which degree is most useful to get into sustainability finance?

25:10 What is the best part of your job & why do you enjoy it?

32:50 How important is a sustainable company to you?

35:59 Difference between AAT and ACA qualifications

37:45 What is the earliest & latest stage that you can get into accounting?

44:22 What degree did you study and why did you enjoy it?

51:00 How does sustainability affect your company and work?

57:37 ACA qualification & examinations

1:00:30 Interesting aspects in sustainability & more information