Transferable Skills in English from a Lawyer

Monday 11th April 2022

Gabriella Tyler is a Solicitor in the property team at SSE. Gabriella highlights how the skills she learnt in GCSE English Language & English Literature can apply to so many different mediums, such as writing, spoken word and the progression in social media and podcasts.

Learn how English skills such as grammar, sentence structure and correct wording is imperative to understanding her clients needs to then correctly construct their outcomes such as contracts.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Question 1 – What’s your name, what do you do & where do you work?
1:18 Question 2 – What level did you take English up to?
1:44 Question 3 – What excited you about the subject English?
2:58 Question 4 – How do you use English in your job on a daily basis?