Work Experience Day with KPMG

Thursday 7th April 2022

Watch our KPMG work experience session to learn about what a career at KPMG looks like and how you can start your journey with them! Watch as the KPMG team guides through their application process, and provide top tips and on how to make your application stand out!


00:00 Intro & Poll

07:32 Meet KPMG

09:40 Insight into KPMG

23:30 Opportunities at KPMG

40:00 Application Process


49:45 Business Pitch Challenge – Group work

58:44 Breakout Room 1

1:34:57 Breakout Room 2

2:08:45 Breakout Room 3

2:41:01 Breakout Room 4

3:02:01 Presenting Business Pitch


3:29:30 Apprentice Q&A

4:30:40 Networking Skills Session

4:49:50 Commercial Awareness

5:06:00 Overview & Wrap up