Virtual Work Experience Day with Thames Water

Thursday 17th February 2022

Join our virtual work experience with Thames Water to learn about apprenticeship opportunities available to all young people! Meet current apprentices and team leaders to hear all about the application process and what working at Thames Water is like!


00:00 Intro & Poll

07:35 Meet Thames Water

28:09 What Thames Water is About

57:30 Values and Behaviours of Thames Water

1:00:06 Apprenticeships at Thames Water

1:04:34 Application Process

1:06:25 Meet the Apprentices

1:50:00 Watch Thames Water Apprenticeship Video

1:53:54 Mock Assessment Centre

2:02:40 Breakout Room 1

2:21:53 Breakout Room 2

2:41:53 Breakout Room 3

3:01:53 Group Ideas

3:33:10 Q&A