Winning at Assessment Centres | Vodafone

Tuesday 12th April 2022

In this session we are looking at assessment centres, which are now a standard part of the recruitment process for Apprenticeships, Degree Apprenticeships and Graduate roles. Max will use his experience from his background having previously designed and run assessment centres for early career recruitment. Assessment centres can be confusing and daunting unless you know what you are preparing for and how to prepare.

00:00 Introduction – What can pathway CTM do for you?
02:45 Session agenda
04:00 Meet our volunteer – Anya (Vodafone graduate)
05:35 Learning outcomes
09:50 Video 1 – winning at assessment centres
13:10 Tips for Assessment centres
26:44 Video 2 – step-by-step assessment centres
29:40 Recruiters in assessment centres
32:50 Group Discussion Exercise
47:30 Final overview & tips