Week 2 In Review

Friday 3rd Apr 2020

Strengths profiling, continuation over Easter holidays and free access granted to our wider network…

Week 2 of isolation has been a further positive week at Pathway CTM HQ (well, from our individual homes in this current situation). Student numbers continue to grow from our daily webinar workshops and as a result of key supporters, we are able to make our online content FREE for all schools, colleges and students over this period. Oh, and I should mention there is a parent and teacher webinar coming up each month now too! Inspired by seeing many teachers on our daily webinars, thank you 

It is this engagement we’ve seen that has led to the decision to make our online content available to all, so more schools and colleges and their students, teachers, parents can all benefit from our growing content. Much work has been done on this, and we are seeing new schools and students coming through and using our service. A special thanks to Pret A Manger, Cancer Research, The FT, Allen & Overy and The Co-op who have enabled us to do this so far.

Also a special thanks to Cappfinity, who have shown equal spirit in keeping education and opportunities going for our young people. I’m delighted to say that they have been supporting Pathway CTM students with identifying their strengths, which is really helping with applications to brands such as Accenture and EY that use strengths based recruitment methods (43% use this in some way); but moreover, helping a young person communicate what they are good at is a good thing, right?

Our week in review

I’m excited about the upcoming webinars with these brands mentioned. In addition we are saving Friday’s for bonus material and have already lined up a Sky Sports presenter in April; with an expected Olympian around the corner too if we get lucky! This is off the back of a great webinar from entrepreneur and CEO, Ben Allen last Friday. Something a bit different. So If you know of any high profile people, please do send them my way!

A big congratulations to Helen from IBM for joining me in the most well attended webinar of the week: ‘Covering Letters’, but also a big shout out to Guy from Ministry of Sound (Pathway alumni), for running a great webinar on the creative industry, Sue Lenkowski for phenomenal knowledge into careers in Law, and Abi (also Pathway alumni) for a detailed insight into her interview process to reach PwC.

Finally, you will see from the infographic this week, we have done a student shout out. This week it goes to Thomas Spens from Highgate School for great engagement, questions and I can see he has set up a LinkedIn profile too – well done! There were many we could have picked but I just want to point out the excellent effort going on with students realising the potential of this downtime for their future careers. Well done.

Finally, a nice quote to end the week!

Ruby, Year 12 – ‘I have been listening to the amazing webinars the past few days and they have made me realise what a great time it is to gain some work experience and other unique skills to put on my CV’

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